Crypto-revolution in e-Sports

The future of e-Sports is already here



Currently, the whole market of e-Sport is growing at a tremendous pace. The number of disciplines, divisions, teams, spectators, sponsors and investors is increasing. To find the specific reason for this growth turned out to be an achievable task: People are attracted to cybersports by its entertainment Accessibility of viewing and participation for ordinary people Marketing and advertising efforts from developers and organizers Element of betting, as in any other sport. Nevertheless, the sites that are currently engaged in the development of the e-Sport betting direction do not use blockchain technology, from which they could benefit enormously. We believe that the future lies in the blockade, and that e-Sport betting coin will promote the vision of a decentralized platform for e-Sport fans and participants, which will be:

(1) allow users to make anonymous bets on matches e-Sport team

(2) automate the process of obtaining winnings

(3) make trading transactions in-game items


ESBC is built off an advanced, hybrid Proof-o f-Work (PoW), Proof-ofStake (PoS), and Masternode (MN) system. The official abbreviation for the coin is ESBC. The total supply will be 21,000,000 ESBC . In regards to each block, there’s about a 1 minute combined target, with both 1 minute for POS and POW. The advanced difficulty algorithm that the coin implements allows for retargeting every block, as well as time warp and instamining protection. The block reward is likely variable during the time life of the coin.

Roadmap and coin specification

Roadmap and coin specification ESBC

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